Must Have Heels For Every Woman

Shoes are a woman’s best friend, and the right pair can make a difference when it comes to finishing your look. High heels are essential for a woman’s complete wardrobe as they make you look classy, add a special tone to your outfit, and change your poise. When it comes to high heels, choosing the right ones can be difficult considering the wide variety of heels available, the time of year, heel height, shape, color, and much more.

If you are looking to invest some cash on heels, here are some “money well spent” guides to help you achieve the best looks.


Open Toe Heels: These are also referred to as peep-toe heels. They come in various styles and designs with a common factor being the open toe. With these heels, the detail is on your toenails. So you need to have clean and colorful toenails.

Pump Heels: These heels have the front covered, and they usually go without buckles. They are work classy and can be teamed with pants, a wrap dress, or trousers.

Platform Heels: In a platform heel, the shoe sole is thicker than that of a stiletto, and this usually gives more comfort as the height difference between the back and front is less.

Pointed Toe Heels: These shoes are an effortless way to add sophistication to any outfit. These heels are long and covered in front. They make your legs look longer than usual, so it’s a nice way to make you look tall.


Ankle Strap Heels: Ankle straps are the new trend. They make you look gorgeous, ready for fun, and any crazy move. The height of the heel is ideal for those who like to party, and they go well with ankle jeans and T’s, skirts, or a party dress. They are comfortable thanks to the strap attached to the shoe.

Sling Back Heels: Unlike ankle strap heels with the strap going forward; this strap goes around the backside of the Achilles heel allowing for good balance and a classier look.

Mules: These types of heels come up high at the front of the foot. Mules could come as open toe or closed toe. Mules were a thing in the 90’s, but they are making a major comeback in recent times.

High Heel Sandals: They come in varying heights and could be stiletto, high or kitten. What they have in common is a sandal upper.

High Heeled Boots/Ankle Boots: High-heeled boots are an all-time classic. They can be styled with jeans, blazers, or a gown. High heeled boots can reach up to your thighs, knees, or calves while ankle boots are a shorter form which stops at the ankles.

Corset Heels: This style is similar to a boot or mule style. However, the two sides of a corset heel are bound together with threads- just like a regular corset will be. They are sometimes referred to as strappy sandals.

Oxfords: These are vintage inspired heels. They go well if you want details to your look as they come with perforated wingtip trim details. They have that “lace up” academy look but with an extra height at the base. They are commonly found in rich brown leather and perfect tans.


Kitten Heels: The height of these shoes is a nice choice for days when your legs are sore from wearing very high heels all week, but you still want to look feminine. They are an inch or two and are super comfy for work, a party, or an event.

Stiletto Heels:These are the highest type of heels. They can poise a little difficulty when walking, so they are a nice choice when you want to feel powerful and aren’t actually doing too much walking around. They are excellent for the seasoned high heel walkers. However, if you love them so much, you might have to work hard to master them; it’s worth it! They make your legs look longer and can go as high as 8 inches high.


Block Heels:  Block heels are a fashionable and modern way to look confident, stylish, and feminine. They are very comfortable for long walks

Wedges: They are very balanced and add height without having to wobble. There are two types of wedges; wedge heels and wedge sandals. Wedge heels have no separation from the heel to the sole, while wedge sandals are open at the too. They are a nice alternative for stilettos and can be styled with a dress, capris or shorts.

Platform Heels: These heels are like stilettos- only wider at the base. They are comfortable, and it’s easier to walk on them.

Comma Heels: When you think of a punctuation mark “comma” then you have the comma heel. This low heel tail can be out or in, and has this funky appearance to it.

Spool Heels: If you think of the spool of a thread or boot cut pants, you will get the idea of this heel shape. The heel is thicker at the sole, narrow in the middle, and it then comes back out at the base.

Cork Heels: These are so called because of the cork material with which they are made. They usually allow for a soft and cushioned step with varying sizes and shapes of the heels.

Cone Heels: Cone heels are so called because they start off wide at the bottom of the sole, and then thin out towards the base- just picture an ice-cream cone at the bottom of your shoe. The heel is usually low or medium.

ChunkyHeels: this is a generic term for all heels that have a wider base that is mostly square. These heels provide more stability than stilettos and other high heels. They are either short or medium.

Guess what? Studies in the Journal Archives of Sexual Behavior show that men find women in high heels significantly sexier. So Ladies go ahead and get shopping for your favorite styles and varieties. Always remember that the right pair of heels can make you look great and feel absolutely fabulous.


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