What Kind Of Heels Should You Choose When You Wear Cheongsam?

The cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress that has a long history since the inception. Cheongsam as they are widely known means ‘long dresses’, but were formally known as qipao. It was basically one-piece suit dresses that covered the wearer from the neck to the foot and are mostly long sleeved. There are some variant that consisted of a two-piece dress set, a pair of trousers with long overdress.

Over the years the cheongsam had evolved from a single long wide fitting dress to its body hugging fit today. Initially, it was more of a functional piece of clothing and also protects the modesty of the wearer. They were also decorated with embroidery depending on the social status of the wearer.

Recently, it became more stylized and was later modernized to become more fitted to the person wearing it. With this more flattening and sexier look, high class celebrities and courtesans started wearing it and it became popular among all.

The cheongsam are very much associated with the Far East and oriental community. They are of various styles but essentially they are mostly one piece long dresses that are usually short sleeved or sleeveless. Another characteristic of the cheongsam dress is that they have a side-slit along the leg. This is of various lengths depending on the style of the dress.Cheongsam are worn nowadays as daily wears because they look sexy and perfect on most individuals. Some companies and business do employ them in their workforce. These include Chinese restaurants, some casinos, and airline companies.Because of the sexy and attractive look, they are worn by ladies at social functions where the lady wants to stand out from the crowd by putting on something different. There are so many styles today that could be worn on daily basis, but they are mostly saved for special occasions.

The Cheongsam is normally designed so as to flatter the feminine body. But not everybody has the perfect figure for a Cheongsam. It is however important to choose a Cheongsam that would add beauty to your body and hide your fatal flaws. With the following guidelines, you would be able to make the right choice. There is need for short women to avoid boxy cuts with shoulder pads because they would weight them down. Dresses that are too long would also have a reverse effect because they will make you look shorter.

Women with broad shoulders should avoid shoulder pads because they will look top-heavy, instead of this, go for softer fabrics like silk and soften the silhouette. Skinny woman can choose brocade that adds more form and curves to their body structure. Brocade is a heavy silk fabric with a raised design on it; it is mostly sewn with gold or silver threads.Those with flabby arms can choose Cheongsam with three-quarter sleeves to hide the excess flesh. Women with short neck should pick those with lower collar so that it helps to make the neck look longer. However, women with longer necks can look stunning in a Cheongsam cut that has a high collar.

Those with short neck should pick a cheongsam with a lower collar so as to make their neck look longer. However, women with longer neck can look stunning in a dress cut with a high collar.For those who do not have an appropriate shape, with either heavy top or heavy bottom, it is important for them to wear it separately.Top heavy women should always avoid big contrasting prints on the cheongsam top, a simple one-color top is more appropriate.For women with large bottoms, a straight-cut skirt with a side slit is ideal for them.

How to wear

For the casual wear, in the summer, you can choose some thin fabrics such as pure cotton delaine, printed with little flowers, sack and yarn cloth, poplin and silk.In spring and winter, chemical fiber or blended cloth like gleaming silk and thinner woolen cloth can be worn.

If for formal affairs like ceremonies or performances, in summer, you should select pure silk crape, thin silk, which is soft, light and cool since it won’t stick to your body. For spring and winter, satin and velour are the best: treasures, crape and spun gold damask.

Steps to Wear a Cheongsam

  1. Put your Cheongsam over your shoulders, like a jacket.
  2. Apply the right arm through the right sleeve, and keep the open side facing outward.
  3. Bring the dress around from behind.
  4. Let the left arm through the left sleeve.
  5. Secure the button or tie to the neck.
  6. Position the rest of the dress so that it is in line.
  7. Adjust your dress as needed. Remember that the tie or the bottom of the dress is typically at the hip or waist.
  8. Fix the rest of the buttons or ribbons along the right side.
  9. Bring the rest of the dress together.
  10. Turn and maneuver Cheongsam to fit the body.

Once you are able to choose and wear an appropriate cheongsam, there is need for you to choose a perfect shoe that will match the dress.

Choosing an appropriate shoe for your Cheongsam

Most time when a woman is dressed in a cheongsam, we may find out that she is elegant and delicate. But if she is putting on shoes that are not appropriate, her look will be embarrassing. So in this case, it is crucial to choose shoes that correlate with cheongsams. Let’s take a look at this together.

If your cheongsams are black in color, you can choose a black high heel to match it, but if the cheongsams are of other colors, shoes with the same color of the cheongsam can be chosen.

The silver and gold colored high heels can also be used along with any colored cheongsams. However, the texture and style of the dress should be considered as well. Another important factor is the color of your skin; you can try different fabrics on and later choose the one that is appropriate based on the fabric of the dresses, followed by the color and texture of the cloth.If you like putting on shoes with dazzling beads, then those satin made cheongsams can be chosen. If you are wearing cotton cheongsams, then you can wear a pair of floral shoes, and the shoes should also be with fresh colors. A pair of high heels should be chosen for short women but for tall women, they can choose fresh flat shoes or shoes with shorter heels.  For light colored cheongsam, a pair of white high heel can be chosen or a shoe that is brightly colored. And if the cheongsam is brightly colored, an embroidered shoe can be used along with it.

How to wear shoes according to cheongsam in order to look elegant

In order to look elegant, it is important to wear shoes that correlate with the cheongsam and for those who do not know how to choose the appropriate kind of shoe, they can ask. It is important for girls who want to be beautiful and unique to ask about the right shoes to wear when they are putting on the cheongsam, the kind of socks they should use to match the dress. We can have a look at these together.

  1. You can put on the shoe bare footed, that means there is no need for you to wear socks. Transparent long socks can be preferred by some others and can be used along with any colored dress as a collection; if the color of cheongsam is deeper, then you can wear black stockings or grey colored stockings, this will be more beautiful and more fashionable.
  2. It is also crucial not to wear short socks, especially those that are white in color; it will not only make your leg to be divided into two sections, it can also look short as well. Also you will look like a schoolgirl in the olden days thereby affecting your entire posture.
  3. You should also pay a lot of attention to the collection of shoes. The shoe can be with a shallow fish mouth design or just high-heeled or those round shoes. If your calf line is symmetry, then you should put on flat shoes, but it is advisable for you to choose the embroider cloth flat shoes, so that the elegance of the cheongsam would not be destroyed.
  4. When it comes to the color of the shoes you want to choose, you can choose a pair of shoe that has the same color with the dress so that the whole color will match one another.
  5. If the color of your cheongsam is red, then you can choose a pair of red high heels, which is more sensible and this will make you look more outstanding and noble.
  6. You can also try the gold or silver high heels, which is mostly viewed as a bold attempt. Light gold shoes can be used with red or black dresses, which will always give a pleasant surprise.

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