What Kind Of High Heels Should You Choose At The Wedding?

It can be jarring when a bride is seen dressed up in a soft and romantic gown, walking down the aisle in a white killer heel. This mismatch of style can be as a result of deliberate action, but can spoil the overall look and mood, for your celebration.

Most brides do not attach much attributes to the wedding shoes when planning for their wedding wardrobe. However, bridal expert and designers will tell you that the right pair of shoes is as crucial as the dress.

Because you will be spending the whole day standing on your feet running in a big and heavy gown, it is crucial that you are comfortable so that you will be able to use it for the whole day without any problems.

These tips will help when shopping for your shopping!

Match the style

Ensure that the shoe shows the overall style as well as theme of your wedding dress. A romantic ballgown with a big poufy skirt would look best with delicate heels- open toe or simple strap designs are best used.

If you are putting on a long sleeve A-line classic gown, then the perfect match would be close-toe heels because this will provide an elegant and sophisticated look. For brides who cherish mermaid style dresses or gowns with plunging backs with more skin, thin strappy heels with lots of sparkle and glitter are the perfect option.

Match the Color

Make sure the color of the pair of heels match your gown (for white dress use white or nude heels, or a pale pink pair for pink colored gown), or in a metallic hue (silver with white, a pale gold to match ivory and off-white colored gowns) to add a decent look to your posture.

Match the fabric

With the aid of customized shoes, you will be able to match the material of your gown to that of the shoe. If you aim at wearing a white brocade dress, you can customize a pair of shoe with the same fabrics. Just ask for some fabrics to customize the shoe.

Add some personal style

You can likewise make your pair of shoes unique from other ones-you can clip on a crystal brooch which is made from the same details or trims as your gown, or ask your bridesmaid to sign on the shoe and keep it perfect for the occasion. You can likewise choose a colored pair of shoe if your white gown has colored details so as to match the details instead of the white.

Flat, or High?

Most brides do not like to be taller than their groom; because of this they might choose to wear flats or lower heels instead. Low formal pumps may look classic, so it is advisable to pick a pair with pretty details or an elegant style with a pointed sleek and toe, elegant heels.

Make sure that the flat heels look formal enough to match your wedding dress because most flat shoes may look too casual. I suggest you go for close-toe designs that are pointed at the tips and maybe in high- shine patent leather, or covered for more luxury feel.

Trial and error

Make sure you do not forsake comfort for beauty and style when shopping for the right wedding shoe, the first thing to be considered is comfort. There is need for you to be comfortable in the shoes, and be able to work around easily when putting them on.

If your wedding gown has a long skirt or made with fine fabrics like organza and skirt, it would be advisable not to wear shoes with sharp heels because the heels can easily get caught in the fabrics which might result to an accident. In order to avoid this, bride can attach heel stopper to their heels, this will allow them to balance better, walk easier without the heel getting caught in the fabrics.

If your gown has a bog tulle skirt, it would be best to wear shoes with less embellishment.

Types of Heels you can choose from

When you start working in a shoe department and want to take a look at the different kind of heel you can choose from, it is crucial for you to know your choice. When it comes to high heeled shoes, we have our personal desire. This is the main reason why we created the list of the different type of heels a bride can choose from. Although some of them have gone out of style but might make a comeback due to the cyclical fashion industry. However, here are the various types you can choose from.

High, Middle and Low Heel Types 

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels have a great style for comfort and fashion mix. They are great for various events or work where you do not need extra height but will be on your feet for some time.


Pumps are also known as high heels and are usually wider and between 2 and 3 inches in height. They are usually low cut around the front.


This is the highest of all the high heels; it can be up to 8 inches in height. Although this height can cause problem for many people when working, but it’s worth putting on when the beauty is considered.

Ankle Strap Heels

This is a favorite for the Clickless team, ankle strap heels are currently in use now. The height of the heel varies but the common thing is the strap that goes around the ankle which makes the heels more secure and comfortable to walk in.

Wedge Heels
Wedge shoes are of two different types: wedge sandals and wedge heels. Wedge heels are flush just like a high heel would be, and the heel is not separated from the sole.

Cone Heels

This kind of heel is wider at the foot and narrow at the base, cone heels form what you would expect. The bottom of the shoe looks like an ice cream cone. However, do not eat them because they are not edible.

Sling Back Heels

Unlike the strap heels, this type of heel has a strap that goes around the back of the Achilles heel. This also provides a more elegant look while still achieving the function of stabilization.

Platform Heels

The platform heels can be short or tall, the main thing that classifies them into this group is that the part of the shoe under the sole is thicker. Some are of the opinion that it makes the higher heels more comfortable because there is less of a height differential between the front and the back of the foot.

High Heel Sandals

The high heel sandals varies in height, a high heel sandal is anything that has either high heel, stiletto heel or kitten heel but with a sandal in the upper part.

Peep Toe Heels

Peep toe heels come in various shapes and sizes and is somewhat tease. All they need is for the tip of your colorful toenails to show, and then they can be regarded as a peep toe!

Cork High Heels

This heel is named by the cork material that is used to make them. They are of various height and style, but the cork material makes it to be softer and more cushioned.

High Heeled Boots
Steve Miller said, “In the wintertime when all the trees are brown, wear high heeled boots”. Okay, we made that last part up. But these babies pair well under or over jeans or even with a skirt or dress.

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are also known as high heeled booties; they make their comeback few years ago and are great for fall or spring days when a full boot is overkill.

Spool Heels

If you have an idea about the spool of thread, you might understand the concept of spool heels. The heel is thicker towards the sole of the foot, narrow at the middle, and then comes back out at the base.


Any type of heels that comes up high over the top of the foot can be regarded as Mule heels. The mule heels can be open or closed to mule; the height of the heel can likewise vary.

Cut Out Heels

Getting more on the cool side, funky of high heel types, cut out heels is any type of heel that has a part of the upper part cut out for effect.

Corset Heels

This is similar to mule style of heel or a bootie, what differentiate it with a corset heel is that the two sides are tied together just like the traditional corset would be.

French Heels

French heels is also known as Louis heels or Pompador heels, they are similar to spool heels wherein they are short but with some curve to the heel.


The traditional oxford has that academy look with flat heel. However, we are seeing some oxford heels come to limelight. The heel is flat at the base but is higher than the traditional Oxford.
With the list of different heels, am sure bride would be able to choose anyone that suits her dress and desire.

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