Guangzhou NOXM High Heels Co., Ltd. Factory Information Marketing

I. Company / Factory Information

(I) General information of the company

Guangzhou NOXM High-heeled Shoes Co., Ltd. was established in March 2011. Today, it is mainly engaged in the processing and customization of women’s high-heeled shoes and online retail . We accept small and medium-sized wholesales, OEM / ODM.

The company is located in Baiyun District , Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China . It is famous for industry and trade. It has an excellent geographical location, complete supply chain, convenient transportation and comfortable environment. It is one of our advantages in trade transportation and product placement.

1. Development history

At the beginning of the company’s establishment , it was just a leather shoe manufacturer. The quality grades of the leather materials used were varied , and the products made were also widely used. Men’s and women’s shoes, flat bottoms and high heels were all within our production scope. Over the years, our products became too much and there was no specialization. Our production technology is complex and not specialized. We started to think about these issues and think about how to build a healthy and specialized business model.

Through the accumulation of time and continuous exploration, in recent years, we have gradually clarified our development route, started to produce and process high-quality women’s high-heeled shoes, and only made women’s high-heeled shoes. We started to build truly professional high-heeled shoes factories, to become a professional high-heeled manufacturing brand company. Therefore, we are diligent and pragmatic in the manufacture of high-heeled shoes, constantly exploring and collecting superb processing techniques, step by step through 9 years. In these 9 years of training, we have a unique concept for the production of women’s high heels, and explored our manufacturing model, for our factories , this is precipitation for many years to the sum of wealth.

Now, we have combined the company’s product positioning and factory production standards into one, committed to producing handmade leather high-heeled shoes with real materials and excellent workmanship, and committed to providing customers with reliable and trusted products and services.

2. Origin of the company name

To high-heeled shoes as a reference object, the name design, after repeated changes, the “NOXM”, was determined, which was connected by the natural transition of the letters, combined into a pattern of high-heeled shoes, not only in line with our company’s product positioning, but also impressive, associated with NOXM is a company that does high-heeled shoes, and thus remembered.

3. Business philosophy

The business philosophy of our Guangzhou NOXM High-heeled Shoes Co., Ltd. is: We only produce high-quality high-heeled shoes. Each high-heeled shoe is made with pure manual technology. The raw materials used are imported leather, which achieves low prices and high quality.

4. Business scope of the company

Small and medium OEM / ODM for women’s high heels, retail .

5. Our main customer groups and sales regions

We have many years of experience in e-commerce cooperation and overseas trade services. Our customer groups are located in China and abroad, and the foreign trade sales areas are mainly North America , Europe , Australia , Asia, and Southeast Asia.

6. The certificate of recognition obtained by our company

We are CE certified, ISO9001 certified.

7. Company staff size

Our company’s factory has a production staff of 10 people, and each employee is responsible for his own professional high-heeled shoes production area , with a clear division of labor and an orderly structure . Superb hand-to-hand production line with machinery

(II) The company’s factory production capacity information

1. Factory and equipment

Our factory is located in Huangshi West Road, Baiyun District , Guangdong Province . The factory area is 200 square meters, of which the workshop area is 120 square meters and the warehouse area is 50 square meters.

The equipment used to make high heels includes 2 cutting machines, 1 leather sewing machine, and 1 hemming machine. These devices are the latest models imported from abroad.

2. Production process

We adhere to the concept of presenting good products to loyal consumers. In addition to leather cutting and other steps that require machine work, hand-crafting is the basic process .

The characteristics of industrialized production are large quantities, the pursuit of high efficiency and low cost. They are even less able to customize leather materials and stitch colors for small batches of one or two customers. A small amount of production makes some customization possible. We need to polish a single high-heeled shoe more than 5 times, hand-stitched up to more than 100 stitches, skilled in craftsmanship, and spend more time and energy on the work, but the details can be extreme and prudent.

Although many buyers know the assembly line of production process, but most of them are not clear about manual production, so the following briefly introduces the production process of our high-heeled shoes hand-made process .

  • Production preparation       

Raw materials and reinforcement materials to be produced. All our raw materials are made of animal hides from natural pastures in Italy, including cowhide, sheepskin, horseskin, pigskin, etc. Reinforcing materials include beef tendon soles, rubber materials, bran paper, heels of different heights, and paper leather.

  • Shoes design       

Our design workers design sketches of high-heeled shoes according to the customer’s customized requirements. After repeated sewing and modification, the three-dimensional effect of the shoe is always drawn directly on the last, including every detail of the style.

The completed three-dimensional effect design scheme has become an important basis for cutting leather.

  • Out of line, i.e. design shoe version

Manually polish and adjust the last of the shoe last, paste the last plate, and draw the connecting lines at different positions of the shoe body according to the arc of the sole of the shoe. This process requires a person with strong hand-painted skills to complete.

  • Cutting       

Check the genuine leather to ensure that the leather parts of the shoes meet the standard.

  • Opening       

According to the bill of materials and comparison of the losses in actual operation to estimate the amount of use, when opening the material, the direction, pattern, and color are used to open. According to the marked marks, a knife die is arranged to cut out the leather. This is a manual work that requires patience and technology. As long as a leak occurs, the entire piece of leather can not be used. After the leather is opened, it will be stored in the matching code.

  • Shovel       

Using the pattern to cut the prototype of the panel, the entire shovel is shoved to a uniform thickness. Because some leather materials have no lining, the leather bottom of the entire piece is rough and requires a large shovel to clean it.

So that the production process of hemming, edging and other processes easier to do, and to optimize the appearance.

  • The case       

The cut leather is stitched to form the upper part.

  • Putting the case down (adhesive molding of the bottom)       

After the sole is cleaned, apply the resin glue to the inner surface of the sole and the upper part evenly, keep the cracks open, allow the glue to air dry for 3-5 minutes, and then heat it with a fan for about 10 seconds. Afterwards, the upper part is attached and the periphery of the sole is nailed again to enhance the fastness between the sole and the upper. This is a test of the hand strength of the manual worker. Without sufficient hand strength, it cannot be pulled up.

  • Grinding and polishing       

The high-end production of high-heeled shoes is to polish the whole, and use sanding and polishing techniques to make the shoes look brighter, cleaner and more beautiful.

  • Spike heel       

The high-heel first needs to be hemmed, that is, the heel is hemmed with leather, then coated with glue on both sides and then bonded. Poke the prepared spike into the point of the center of gravity marked by the heel and flatten it with a hammer.

3. Raw materials

Because it has clear product positioning, we have production and processing of high-heeled shoes, raw materials used are Italian imported leather with leather, Mapi, sheepskin, deerskin, pigskin . Among them, the first layer of leather is our most commonly used leather.

Here we can briefly talk about how to identify the skins of different animals . Based on the characteristics of these longest-used animal skins, it is basically possible to distinguish whether more than 95% of the leather is animal leather .

1) Cowhide      

The pores on the cow leather surface are small, round, distributed evenly and tightly, the leather surface is bright and smooth, the texture is full and delicate, the appearance is flat and soft, the texture is firm and elastic to the touch of the hand, and when the leather surface is squeezed hard, and there will be small wrinkles. Leather products made of cowhide are hardly eye catching.

2) Sheepskin      

The pores on the sheepskin surface are oblate and the pores are clear. Several of them form a group and are arranged in a fish scale. Leather products made from sheepskin have a fine and soft leather. Although the surface is shiny, it is not as bright as cattle products. If you squeeze the leather surface hard, there are obvious wrinkles.

3) Pigskin      

The pores on the pig leather surface are round and thick. Three are juxtaposed in a group and arranged in a triangle. Each group is far apart, and the leather surface is uneven. Recognizable even after polishing. The leather surface is rougher than cowhide, has a firm feel, and has good breathability and absorption. It is often used in leather shoes for lining.

4) Horse skin      

At first glance, horse skin is somewhat similar to cowhide, with a smooth and delicate appearance, but upon closer inspection, horse skin is not as bright as cowhide, has a darker color, pores are oval, and the leather is soft, which is closer to sheepskin. The thickness of the skin and the size of the bristles are quite similar to those of sheepskin. The key to the difference is that horse leather is harder than sheepskin, to the hand it feels average, and the leather surface has uneven gloss. Squeezing the surface of the leather will produce no wrinkles.

4. Sample proofing

Under normal circumstances, from the time of confirming the customer’s order to the design proofing, our time is usually about a week.

II. Product information

(I) product description

1. Product introduction and application

Guangzhou NOXM High-heeled Shoes Co., Ltd. aims to manufacture mid-to-high-end women’s high-heeled shoes, with workplace women as the main customer group. The style is more business casual, simple and atmospheric, and fashionable and upscale. All high-heeled shoes are handmade and made of pure leather. Different styles are suitable for wearing in different seasons. Therefore, our high-heeled shoes have a large market.

Each high-heeled shoe is promoted with classic color of a hundred, including black, red, apricot, white, etc., as well as special fur styles and pattern styles. Heel height is divided into 7cm, 9cm, 10cm, 12cm; according to different heel height, it is divided into thick heel and fine heel. We have both simple and unique high heels.                                         

Our high-heeled shoes are not only suitable for formal occasions such as dinners and work , but also suitable for social occasions such as parties and etiquettes . They can also be used as commuting shoes for daily travel. Formal business high-heeled shoes are what we are best at, and also fit our production philosophy, amplifying the feminine temperament and charm to the extreme.

2. Advantages of our products

1) Uniform use of imported raw leather, of a high Standard     

2) Excellent industrial chain location, effectively reducing costs      

3) The pure hand-made craftsmanship of excellence, more cost-effective than the market counterparts      

4) Accurate design, quality assurance and complete licenses.      

3. Standards on which we manufacture our products

Our Guangzhou NOXM High Heels Co., Ltd. makes leather shoes, so our leather materials and products are manufactured in strict accordance with domestic and foreign safety production standards.       

Our high-heeled shoes have their own universal manufacturing size, but face the physical characteristics of different customer groups in different sales regions, and are designed and manufactured with reference to international quality standards and universal size of the international crowd . We will also produce the most suitable size shoes according to the actual situation or customer’s customized requirements. Production data such as designs have been market surveyed in different countries to adjust and combine.

4. Comprehensive product quality inspection

In addition to the finished product of the heel shoes, it meets international standards, we also have our own set of complete self-inspection system processes:

1) After pressing the shoe upper (top) by hand, check whether there is looseness. The normal upper part is plump and soft, with a comfortable feel, uniform gloss and no looseness. The inside of the shoe is a part of the upper. It is used to strengthen the upper part, prevent the upper from deforming and improve the feel of the foot. Put the sweaty hands into the shoe to feel the touch, breathability and moisture wicking, and check the inside of the shoe No wrinkles and fat edges on the sewing.                                                     

2) Insoles Full leather pads for women’s leather high heels can keep the insoles clean and cover the unevenness of the insoles to improve the feel of the feet. Therefore, the insole is flatly adhered to the insole, and there must be no overhangs or wrinkles.                                                         

3) Outsole From the appearance, the bonding state around the outsole should be closely bonded without gaps, and the bottom surface should be flat.                                                         

4) Whether the heel is low-heeled or high-heeled, first of all, it depends on whether it fits naturally with the leather shoes. The key point is to check whether the heel is firmly installed on the insole. The face cannot be smaller than the bottom of the heel.                                                           

5) Press the inner waist with your hands, and check if the mouth is deformed under the force.                                                         

6) Stability: Place the heels on a flat surface. Stability is excellent.                                                        

7) Side check: Put the high heels on the flat surface. Check whether the outsole (front palm) of the shoe is in contact with the flat surface in the middle, whether the toe has a proper head, the heel is straight and the bottom surface is completely flat.                                                        

8) Check the front side to the same height as the outsole, and see if there is any difference in the size of the outsole inside and out.                                                     

9) Check the heel and the rear stitches with a straight ruler.                                                      

10) Compare the left and right shoes with a measuring rule to compare the length, height, and shape of the two shoes, and check whether the color and brightness are consistent.                                          

11) Look at the hook Each leather high heel has a steel hook (except flat shoes and wedge shoes) installed on the sole of the foot, between the outsole and the midsole, is the spine of the shoe, to maintain the arc and stabilize the shoe Following the effect, the standard specifies performance indicators such as longitudinal bending stiffness and hardness. Inspect the position of the mandrel for deviations.                                                      

5 . Packaging, transport

1) Packaging      

Each high heel shoe is stuffed with a paper ball, put on a non-woven packaging bag, and put in a special high-grade solid color shoe box. The shoe box is packed with a pair of shoe braces, a pair of back pads and a pair of replacement studs.

2) Transportation      

We support ocean freight (EXW / FOB ) , air freight (DHL / UPS / FedEX ) , and land freight .


1. What is your starting quantity (MOQ)?                                 A: Our minimum starting order is 50 pairs.

2. What quality assurance do you have?                                    A: Every part of our production line has a fixed quality prosecutor, the product will be re-tested after the production, after-sales service system is complete.

3. How long do you deliver the goods?                                      A: Our delivery time is usually 20-45 days after receiving the order deposit, depending on the order volume and inventory.

4. Are you a trading company or a factory?                                A: We are a high-heel manufacturing company and have our own high-heel production plant.

5. Can the size and size of the shoes be based on our requirements?                        A: Sure, we can make shoes according to customer requirements, including size.

6. Can I provide samples before ordering in bulk?                              A: Yes, our samples are bought alone, you can place orders online, we will send shoes to your hands as quickly as possible.

7. Can the processing and manufacture of your shoes be marked by our mark?              A: We are OEM/ODM processing, support sample processing, graph processing, etc. , can be based on your requirements on the product to print your LOGO.

8. What are your payment terms?                                     A: The usual payment condition is to pay a 30% deposit before production and 70% before shipment.

9. How about shipping?                                              A: If you would like to send it by other means, please contact us for consultation. (24-hour online reply)

IV. Fourth, industry information and related knowledge

1.History of high heels

14th century: The earliest high-heeled shoes can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty in China, for the Ming Dynasty new women’s shoes, in the sole of the shoe is equipped with 4 cm to 5 cm high long round heel, wrapped in silk. Beijing Dingling unearthed sharp foot phoenix high heels, the production is very exquisite. Beijing Dingling has unearthed pointed phoenix head high-bottomed shoes, shoes 12 cm long, high sole length 7 cm, width 5 cm, height 4.5 cm. Big Most people think that high heels originate in the West, in fact, Chinese high-heeled shoes predate the West 100 years ago.

15th Century: French court costumer invented high heels. Since then, the height, width, and width of the heel have changed from time to time, but the fanaticism for high heels is enduring. Because “shoes share experiences with women, no matter what stage of life you are in, whether they are fat or lean, the shoes will always be with you.” During the Renaissance, men popularly wore square-toed shoes, while rich women Courtiers popularly wore “high-sole shoes” imported from Turkey.

16th Century: In fact, the first appearance of high heels was to make it easier for people to clasp their stables when riding. In 1533, the petite Catherine Medici (later married to the Duke of Orleans, also known as Henry II) commissioned a shoemaker to make a pair of high-heeled shoes that were fashionable and able to make her tall. It was not until the end of the 16th century to the 17th century that high heels became popular among European aristocracy and became a noble fashion item. It is said that in order to make himself look taller, more mighty, more confident, and more authoritative, Louis XIV asked the shoemaker to put 4 inches high heels on his shoes, and painted the heel red.

17th Century: High heels were very popular in Europe in the 17th century. In addition to boots for men, another common type is high-heeled shoes decorated with “ribbons” and “roses” on the shoes. As for women, high heels are also popular. And often wear high-heeled slippers indoors. High heels have become an important element of men’s and women’s fashion. At this time, the high-heeled shoes are 3 inches high, the shoe body is quite slender, and the heel is integrated with the sole. If you have the opportunity to walk on the 17th century street, you will find that all pedestrians on the street wear the same style of shoes, because At the time, shoemaking techniques could only create a style of high heels.

18th Century: After entering the 18th century, in view of the popular Rococo style, the emphasis was on gorgeousness in clothing, and the style of high-heeled shoes changed accordingly. High-heeled shoes were mostly made of satin, cotton, and lambskin. The styles were shallow high-heeled and half-heeled. The toe is beautiful. The upper part is exquisitely embroidered, decorated with precious stones, and the steel buckle is elegant. This kind of delicate shoes also need to be covered with a layer of leather shoe covers when going out, and the heel develops towards a fine heel and a low heel.

19th Century: High heels withdrew from the field of men’s shoes, the concept of fashion gradually formed, and shoemaking technology was already very mature. The cute MARY JANE shoes were first introduced, and this style has been popular for 50 years in the 19th century.

1920s: The design of shoes began to appear in the 20th century. In 1920, sandals were combined with high heels. Contemporary women have a newer and more open attitude towards clothing. Women have gradually been liberated from the too heavy moral shackles. Designers have begun to try to combine “naked” sandals with high heels to become elegant evening high-heeled sandals.

30s and 40s: With the success of open-toed heels, open heels are also becoming popular. During the period, the tide Streaming magazine had turned his back on the temporary new shoe, arguing that public open-toed is very lacking in cultivation, of course, in the face of open-toed heel lack of education, when women face the desire for liberation, this statement soon untenable. Because of the Great Depression, people’s lives were so hard that shoes had to be worn. The high heels of this period were both sturdy and earthy, but the elegant lines still existed.

The 1950s to the present: This period is known as the transformation of high heels and is the most important period in the history of high heels. Due to the limitation of shoe-making technology and materials in the early high-heeled shoes, the heel can only cause a funnel shape, that is, the heel starts to narrow from the sole and then expands to the bottom. It wasn’t until the 1950s that steel nail technology transformed high-heeled shoes that designers could design sharp heels that women today love and hate. Marilyn Monroe made her famous by wearing metal stiletto heels designed by Salvatoreferragamo. No wonder she once said, ” Although I don’t know who invented high heels first, all women should thank him, and high heels have helped my career a lot “

High-heeled shoes is not just a choice just outside of clothing , high-heeled shoes has its own language, which is itself a culture. High-heeled shoes, as a woman’s external dressing choice, reflect her connotation, taste and pursuit, and understanding of life, the significance is extremely significant.

2. Women’s shoe market in China

China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of leather shoes, and the world’s largest consumer of footwear. Due to China’s huge population base, the domestic footwear market still has a lot of room for development from a demand perspective. The Chinese women’s leather shoes industry has continuously evolved on the basis of processing and production. Until the mid-to-late 1990s, a number of branded women’s shoes companies quickly relied on their relatively clear brand strategies, product strategies, business strategies, online marketing, and supply chain collaboration. Growth, after more than ten years of development and accumulation, has become the dominant player in the domestic consumer market. It is estimated that for every 10 pairs of shoes sold , women’s shoes account for 6 pairs, and the main direction of design and production is to meet the diverse needs of Chinese female consumers for fashionable footwear. Like the development cycle of other industries, the women’s shoes industry follows the law of evolution and constantly upgrades.

a. Women’s shoes market size

In recent years, China’s footwear consumption market has made great progress due to the improvement of its consumption ability, the enhancement of the awareness of fashion trend and the continuous construction of urbanization. According to the China Institute of Commerce and Industry, the size of China’s women’s shoe market in the past five years, the average annual growth rate of 8.7%, in 2016, China’s women’s shoe market consumption totaled 6.5 billion pairs, the total market consumption of 235.2 billion yuan, and for more than a decade at a rate of 12% rapid growth. By 2020, the total consumption of women’s shoes will exceed 9.2 billion pairs, with an estimated market turnover of 330 billion yuan. Among them, the high-heel market has a large share, this surprising set of data is enough to prove the high-heel market in the future of the huge potential.

b. China’s four largest women’s shoe production bases

The four major women’s shoes output provinces are Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Sichuan, and Dongguan, Wenzhou, Quanzhou, and Chengdu are the core of these four provinces. These four production areas are not only the four major bases of Chinese women’s shoes, but also the four major production areas of China’s footwear industry. Among them, Guangdong is mainly characterized by fashion design, and wholesale distribution centers are mainly concentrated in Guangdong Railway Station. Wenzhou footwear is mainly known for its wholesale, women’s shoes are cheap, and the output of footwear covers almost all categories. Quanzhou mainly produces sports and leisure shoes, not leather shoes. Chengdu’s footwear industry is mainly women’s shoes, known as the capital of western women’s shoes.

3. High heels expertise

  • How to choose a good pair of high heels       

With the development of technology, the production of high-heeled shoes is becoming more and more comfortable. Many manufacturers have effectively solved the problem of the pressure between the feet and shoes. They attach importance to studying the relevant factors of shoe sole pressure distribution, so as to better improve the comfort of high heels.

1) Inner cushion material      

As the hardness of the sole of the high heel increases, the load-bearing function of the forefoot will weaken. At this time, a suitable insole should be selected to increase the load-bearing capacity of the forefoot, so that the forefoot of women is cushioned, and fatigue is relieved. From the perspective of pressure distribution, a better friction coefficient is also required for the inner pad material. There is also pressure between the feet and the heels of the heels. Therefore, the greater friction generated by a better coefficient of friction can reduce the pressure on the forefoot, such as sheep leather. If the inner material of the shoe is smooth, it will be difficult to balance the midfoot on the slope, which will increase the burden on the forefoot, and may even cause the problem of thumb and top foot. The shape of the heel pad material must also be considered. When walking with heel shoes, the center of gravity has a tendency to shift outward, which will cause lateral instability. The reason for this phenomenon is that the foot joint is higher than the third joint of the fourth and fifth joints. The forefoot cannot fully support the human body and pressure, but is in a left-right swing, and the pressure cannot be effectively dispersed, which will make women stamp their feet. In this way, the inner pad can be flattened by measuring the forefoot.

2) Shoe height (waterproof platform height)      

When women are walking, the thick soles of high heels can slow the impact of the ground on the soles of the feet, reduce the walking pressure and slow down the fatigue so that the wearer can walk further. The thickness of the sole is relatively reduced and the heel height is the same. With the same heel height, it reduces the difference between the front and back slopes, reduces the absolute heel of the shoe, and achieves visual aesthetics and wearing comfort. Manufacturers have adopted a waterproof platform design.

3) Shoe Studs      

Most people should notice that the shape of the spikes on high heels is generally special, not regular round, but angular or square. Because in the same types of graphics, squares or triangles can obtain the largest perimeter, so that the erosion area between heel shoes and studs can be enlarged, thereby improving the fit between heel shoes and studs, so that the heels are more robust, and thus to make walking safer, more comfortable appropriate.

4) Follow up      

Heel height is the most important factor affecting high heels. As the height of heel shoes increases, women’s center moves forward and the pressure on the forefoot increases. Experts have calculated that when the heel height of high-heeled shoes is about 3cm, it can move the pressure of the heel forward by a part to disperse the pressure in the heel. This is powerful for women and can reduce the heel When the heels are about 7 cm high, the excessive pressure on the forefoot will cause discomfort. What’s more awkward is that the most comfortable high-heeled shoes are not flat shoes, but low to medium-high Heel shoes, so sports shoes and running shoes that you see in daily life are all about 3 cm wedge shoes. But, nevertheless, 7 cm or heels of higher height are even more popular among women.

There are many choices for high heels. Comfortable insoles, stable shoe height and heel height. As for the problem of high heel, everyone has their own choices. If you are new to high heels, it is recommended to choose a heel height of 5cm and below. High heels are often worn, so you can choose 5-12cm high heels. In consideration of these conditions, of course, we must also consider our own personal preferences, so as to choose high-heeled shoes that are suitable for you.

  • Maintenance methods of different leather fabric high heels       

1) ordinary leather high heels      

Change frequently. Leather is elastic, and it will become slack under the hot sun, high temperature and sweat. Only after a certain period of sleep can it be fully dried. When not using your high heels, you can insert a newspaper into the shoe and use a support stick to support the toe and heel to help the shoe regain its original shape and make it more comfortable to wear next time.

Clean frequently. If the heels are wet, use a soft cloth or paper towel as soon as possible to absorb the moisture from the wet section and wipe off the dirt that splashed on the surface. If there is a large mud clump, you can use the back of a small knife to gently scrape it off, and then wipe the mark with a slightly damp cotton cloth.

Grease frequently. The frequency of varnishing and oiling should not be too high. In addition to the same color maintenance oil, some daily products also have the function of maintaining leather. If there is a crack in the shoe upper, you can use candle powder to fill the texture, control the temperature of the iron and iron it, and then rub the same color shoe polish.

2) Patent leather high heels      

Wipe with a dry cloth that is not stained with water. Patent leather shoes are relatively easy to deform, so you can use paper balls or cloth inserted into the toe to keep it as it is.

3) Suede high heels      

You can choose an idle toothbrush to dry the dust on the surface, and properly apply the suede-specific cleaning liquid to wipe it. When cleaning, pay attention to bristles in the same direction. Suede leather should be ventilated, so when you store it, open the dust bag or shoe box slightly.

4) Satin heels   

For satin high heels, do not use brushes to avoid satin gloss. For simple cleaning, you can wet it with water, and gently rub the stained area with your hands. After washing with water, gently wipe it with a towel and leave it in a well-ventilated place.

V. Reasons to choose us

(1) About the product

1.Our strict quality management system

Because our factory for women’s high-heeled shoes production positioning is high-end, so we attach great importance to the screening of materials, in the procurement of raw materials we are strictly in accordance with the unified standards: the use of high-quality leather, in quality control, we have their own quality inspection team, every detail, link has a professional personnel, all products have reached the above-qualified indicators.

2. Our high-tech manufacturing process level

Although our company has a small staff, all our staff members have many years of rich experience in professional leather shoemaking. After the market certification, the manual process is mature and complete; the workshop is equipped with complete production equipment, using advanced domestic and foreign production machines, and the operators have training. The certificate of conformity , the speed and quality of hand-made production have reached a fast and good level. I believe everyone knows that the best quality products in the world are handmade products. The company has a dedicated designer, who treats every ODM / OEM product requested by the customer to study its needs and design and manufacture samples that satisfy customers.

3. Low price and high cost performance of our products

With the characteristics of handmade and leather high heels, I believe it is definitely expensive in the market. However, as a manufacturer, we adhere to the principle of small profits but quick turnover. Our staff are highly qualified and efficient, and the procurement and supply chain are in the same direct location, which reduces labor costs and reduces the middle circulation of goods. Under the premise of ensuring quality, prices on occupy a considerable competitive edge, the vast majority of buyers have to know how much bulk and retail price differences , Our great price/performance ratio is also conceivable

(2) About the company

Our Guangzhou NOXM High Heels Co., Ltd. has been engaged in footwear manufacturing for 9 years and has extensive e-commerce platform trading and overseas trading experience . We strive to provide customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices, excellent quality, and comprehensive service.

The most important thing is that we focus on integrity and focus on customer experience and satisfaction. If you are interested in any of our products, please contact us in time. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term and lasting relationship with you!


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