Once your order has been processed by our NOXM team, your shoes are crafted at our factory in Guangzhou, China.
It’s not uncommon to think that having shoes made in China is a bad thing. In our eyes, it’s a great thing. Learn why we love it so much.


In China, we’re rubbing shoulders with some of the best shoe making experts in the fashion industry. For manufacturing, it’s the place to be — you make friends with others in the industry, and that means contacts. And through those contacts we’re able to source quality materials and learn from other specialists in the field.

Guangdong, in particular, is an area known for industry and trading. In order to produce more and more custom shoes, it’s important for us to allow for room to grow and scale our production, and this region allows us to manufacture on a large scale in a way that’s cost effective.


With a history steeped in business and trade, Guangzhou, is a city famously known for shoe making. After searching for quick delivery time and adequate supply of materials, our team decided Guangzhou would be the best possible place to set up shop. There was something appealing about the sweet city that knows shoes so very well.

We’ve been making shoes in China for almost 8 years. In the past we’ve distributed our orders to other shoe manufacturers, but in March 2011 we began making shoes in our own production studio. We now have a lot more control over the quality of shoes we’re producing; we can innovate our manufacturing processes and expand our range more easily.


Team culture is really important to us at NOXM . We make special efforts to ensure our employees are happy and empowered. We nurture the culture in our Sydney, Manila, Dongguan, New York and Los Angeles offices and ensure the teams have everything they need to do their work well. The work environment in our China factory is safe and secure; light and bright. Lunch and dinner is provided every day by our in-house chef and the team has access to important things like ping pong and pool tables.

To make your shoes, we have local experts each step of the way (cutting the materials; stitching the shoe; lasting the shoe). There’s a certain amount of pride that comes with being an expert in your field — Lilly is an expert at stitching; Ruben is our head technician; Tina packs each pair of shoes with the utmost care. And the list goes on. We are oh-so proud of our team of experts.
Your shoes are made with a lot of love.
We hope you’ll love wearing them as much as we love making them for you.


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